About Us

Consulting agency “UARA” was founded in 2001.

UARA is a unique organization in Ukraine that provides a full range of services on protection of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, and fighting against smuggling, counterfeiting and parallel imports of goods of famous brands.

The principles of the agency are built on providing maximum protection of the rights of our clients and partner organizations.

Today, partners of the organization are world-known companies and brands, a list of which can be found in the "Partners" section of our web-site, and various Ukrainian organizations.

The agency is also a member of International Trademark Association (INTA), members of which are more than 6,400 organizations from 190 countries. 

The main competitive advantages of UARA are:

  •  An extensive network of representatives in major cities and regions of Ukraine;
  • Staff of highly experienced lawyers and professionals in the sphere of intellectual property;
  • Deep knowledge of market and wide experience of market monitoring in order to identify, track and stop the violation of intellectual property rights, including in the Internet, by confiscation and destruction of counterfeit goods, withdrawal of smuggled goods, parallel import restrictions, etc.;
  • Years of experience in protection against import of counterfeit and pirated goods, parallel imports, detection of and stopping smuggling.

In our practice we combine our experience in the Ukrainian market with international professional standards. To attain the objectives that lie ahead of us, the agency offers an integrated approach that combines legal consulting, representing clients’ interests in state authorities and courts, interaction with the mass media and public.

For each of its clients the agency’s experts offer individual approaches and solutions, develop a special strategy of actions in accordance with client’s goals and objectives. Thus, in order to solve each task we develop a separate model that includes both a set of concrete measures needed to be taken and their possible consequences and results.