Fighting against counterfeit goods

Nowadays one of the most problematic issues in Ukraine is the issue of fighting with the production, distribution and importation of counterfeit goods.

There are a large number of counterfeit products of famous brands in Ukrainian market, causing significant damages to the rights holders. 

This may also result in the loss of their license fees, reduced income and the loss of consumer confidence in the products of their brands.

Our experts have considerable experience in countering the proliferation, sales and import into Ukraine of most types of counterfeit products.

In this case, Ukrainian legislation provides clear and effective mechanisms of how to resist counterfeiting.

Our Agency provides a complete range of services of monitoring the markets, tracking and identification of counterfeit products, investigation of their production, supply and distribution schemes. This is followed by the seizure and destruction by law enforcement authorities of both the product and the tools of their production, and then bringing the infringers to responsibility, and their prosecution.

Anti-counterfeit measures are implemented through the mechanism of protection of intellectual property rights and result in bringing the offenders to administrative, criminal and civil responsibility, and the payment by infringers of compensation of damages caused to the rights holder.