Fighting against smuggling and parallel imports

It is a generally known that today the Ukrainian legislation is far from perfect, particularly in the sphere of fighting against smuggling and parallel imports.

Our specialists have developed a number of mechanisms that allow to effectively deal with smuggling and parallel imports of known trademarks.

Depending on the situation, for each company or trademark we develop a separate strategy with a clear step by step plan and predictable results.

However, fighting against smuggling and parallel imports is realized by the specialists of the Agency through the mechanisms of protection of the intellectual property rights and also needs to be done in close cooperation with state customs and law enforcement authorities, state market surveillance and tax services, and other agencies.

The methods of fighting can be divided into several sections:

- Crime prevention: permanent monitoring of the market, realization of preventive measures, a wide campaign in the media;

- Fixation of infringements: inspections carried out by control authorities, control purchases and experts examinations of products, withdrawal of “questionable” products, etc., and then bringing charges against the infringers;

- Cooperation with competent state authorities in tracking and closing the routes through which illegal (smuggled) imports of goods come into Ukraine;

- Prosecution of violators to stop violations and compensate damages to the rights owner.