Protection of rights in customs authorities

Protection of rights in customs authorities

The protection of intellectual property rights with the assistance of customs authorities implies first of all, the registration of a trademark, and other objects of intellectual property rights in Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects.

It is necessary to make this registration in order to prevent the illegal import, export of counterfeit goods as well as to prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights for registered objects by the distributors of such goods.

As of July 2012 the customs register included more than 400 intellectual property objects, indicating a strong demand among producers and copyright holders to use this mechanism of protection of their rights. Of all the objects included in the customs register, the vast majority are trademarks, second place is occupied by industrial models.

The Agency’s specialists will help you to protect your rights on copyright objects and related rights, trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, geographical locations and plants by preventing the import / export of goods that violate intellectual property rights.

In particular, the Agency provides:

- The preparation of the necessary documents, including an application for the protection of intellectual property rights and for including of intellectual property objects into the customs register as well as further support of the registration process;

- A prompt response to inquiries and messages from customs authorities on suspending the customs clearance of goods which are suspected in violation of the intellectual property rights of the client;

- General maintenance of intellectual property rights protection at the customs border of Ukraine and support of registration of intellectual property object in customs register, including traveling to regional customs authorities, participation in investigations and in the execution of any and / or all customs procedures, suspension of customs clearance of goods that have signs of intellectual property violation, obtaining product samples for examination, organization of the examination and obtaining an expert’s opinion, preparation and submission of claims to the courts, receiving court orders of security for a claim in order to ensure that intellectual property rights will not be violated, confiscation and destruction of counterfeit goods etc.